Buying a Mobility Scooter

Tips on Buying a Mobility Scooter


Mobility scooters now offer not only greater mobility independence than ever before, but an easier way to accomplish everyday tasks, such as shopping and traveling. This is because they provide the capabilities of turning, navigating small spaces, and the ability of moving over different types of terrains.


And due to the tremendous advances in mobility scooter technology and design in recent years, the elderly and the physically disabled have more options and decisions to make when it comes to picking the perfect fit for them.


Selecting a mobility scooter can be an easy task with the help of mobility professionals and a little research. Getting the best features and functionality that suit all your needs is extremely important. Decisions should be made on the proper size and weight, number of wheels, power system and batteries, seat, steering, storage capacity, color, lighting, and overall style of the mobility scooter.


  • Wheels: There are currently three-wheeled and four-wheeled mobility scooters. While four-wheel mobility scooters are more stable, three-wheeled scooter are typically lighter in weight and have better maneuvering skills.


  • Tires: Smaller tires are great for sharp turns and navigating small spaces, but they are designed for indoor use only. Mobility scooters with larger tires are best for rougher, outside terrain.


  • Seating: Your comfort and utilization requirements will affect whether you will need the option to swivel the seat, extra padding, supports, or other adjustments to your mobility scooter’s seating.


  • Steering: The varieties of steering options include thumb controls, levers, joy sticks, handles, buttons, and others. These options help manage the speed, and the ability to drive the scooter forward and backwards.


  • Other Features: Accessories and add-ons may be purchased to personalize your new mobility scooter to your lifestyle. These include baskets, lights, oxygen carriers, and storage compartments.



Test driving many styles of available mobility scooters may help you decide what you like and need for your comfort and lifestyle.


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