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Mobility Scooters and Power Wheelchair Rentals

Choosing your first mobility scooter or wheelchair is not easy. With thousands of possible options, how do you know which chair or medical scooter will be right for you? And if you make the wrong choice, are you just forced to live with the decision?
If this is your first time purchasing a mobility scooter or wheelchair, you’re bound to be overwhelmed. Because unlike choosing an insurance plan or deciding on a dentist, searching for the right mobility scooter or wheelchair is not something you can ask your friends, family, or neighbors about. It’s a very personal decision that affects your quality of life on a daily basis.
Few people understand just how important it is. And many wheelchair companies won’t take the time to discuss your options or even give you suggestions.

Trial Mobility Scooter Rentals or Power Wheelchair Rentals

At Senior Mobility Aids, we recommend that you rent a power chair or scooter before you make your purchase decision. Few people understand what you’re going through. That’s why we also want to offer you a FREE, no obligation mobility scooter or wheelchair evaluation. Our evaluation is a short and over-the-phone discussion. We will help you with the following: 

  • Deciding the type of mobility scooter wheelchair to best fit your needs,
  • Whether you should consider renting or  purchasing a powered mobility device,
  • Discuss your option to rent, then own
  • The equipment you will need along with a mobility scooter or wheelchair,
  • Going through the buying or renting process,
  • Assistance with your insurance company,
  • And more!
Plus, those who qualify will also receive a FREE in-home evaluation where a representative will assess your needs, take your measurements, and check pressure points on your body (to make sure your body is comfortable and unlikely to end up with sores from continually sitting).
If you’re buying or renting a mobility scooter or wheelchair, then this is your chance to learn everything you need to know before putting in that purchase order.
Take advantage of this special offer and be sure to sign up now for your FREE evaluation!

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