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The Power of Mobility: 5 Things To Know for Increased Independence and Enhanced Quality of Life

1. Know the power of mobility.

Independence is an invaluable asset no matter who you are, and few understand how frustrating limited mobility can be. However, these days there is an abundance of technology and equipment on the market specifically designed to help users develop higher levels of independence, improved quality of life, and simply put, the ability to do more.

2. Realize the importance of customization.

It’s crucial that medical equipment be customized to the individual’s needs, as there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to mobility equipment. Everything from physical limitations down to living situation needs to be taken into consideration when selecting the right medical equipment. For example, what good is a wheelchair if it won’t fit in your hallway or bathroom? Not only is your living situation an important factor in selecting equipment, but utilizing equipment that is not tailored to your own specific needs can be both uncomfortable and dangerous. Having the wrong size or fit of wheelchair can lead to muscle and joint pain, the development of sores, circulation issues, and much more; it also increases user’s risk of injury during daily use or transfer. When you’re spending a large portion of your life using equipment such as a wheelchair, it’s vital it be tailored to your needs for safety and optimal quality of life.

3. Beware of “quick fixes.”

Watch out for any kind of “quick fix” when it comes to mobility. There are companies out there that care more about numbers than individuals; they’d prefer to get you in and out and leave you with a standard, run-of-the-mill wheelchair, scooter, or any other type of equipment. For reasons previously discussed such as safety and comfort, it is unwise to go with anything that isn’t customized. You may think you’re saving time and money by investing in something standard or average, but in the long run, it may cost you. Mobility equipment that is not properly customized greatly increases users’ risk of injury or further complications. Quick fixes are never long-term solutions.

4. Be patient.

Selecting equipment that is customized to your individual needs is not a quick or simple process. Mobility professionals will need to come to your residence and take measurements, evaluate the best ways to ensure you are approved for the necessary equipment, and report on your specific health issues and living situation.Though the process may not be quick, it is worth the wait to get the right equipment that will best fit your lifestyle.
5.Understand that there is hope.

There are options and ways to get you the equipment you need. Technology is steadily advancing in the medical industry, and there are more forms of mobility and medical equipment now than there were ever before. There are actual, viable solutions for your mobility needs, and a higher quality of life truly is attainable.

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